2019 Clean Show


Another Amazing Show

Clean 2019 was an amazing event this year. New Orleans was an excellent host, and everyone from the Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry brand team was excited to see so many customers come from across the globe and visit us on the show floor.

Impressive Demonstrations

Highlights of the booth included demonstrations of product features, new multi-load models, and an inside look of our testing processOne favorite stop included the new Maytag® Multi-Load Washer models with capacities up to 65# that were unveiled on the show floorThis configure-to-order washer allows owners and operators to customize construction options to meet the needs of their business. Vended owners can take advantage of the revenue-generating controls for fully customizable pricing, while their customers will appreciate the intuitive LCD screen that has been user-tested for navigation and comprehension. On-premises laundry managers can customize entire wash cycles, resulting in fresh linens and optimized efficiencies with the multi-load washer’s flexible controls, remote management, and 10 chemical injection ports. Maytag® Multi-Load Washers are available now in rigid-mount construction in 20 – 65 lb capacities, with a phased rollout of additional configurations continuing through 2019.


In addition, seeing a lab-tested model of the MHN33 front-load washer’s DuraCore Drive System, which has been tested to 15,000 cycles (based on 11-lb load, 34 min. timed cycle, Heavy Soil) was a hit. Visitors got to see the type of load, soiland detergent that is tested in the lab, and got a walkthrough of the machine’s cycle selections.

What’s Next

We were at the show for you. We displayed our new perspective to the industry that combines powerful equipment with insights and assets that can help take your business to the next level. We will continue to work this strategy with you to help you reach success.

Bonus Downloads 

Access resources that can help set you up for laundry success.

Multi-Load Washer Complete Brochure (OPL) 

Optimize your laundry throughput with user-friendly, multilingual controls, high extraction G-forces, and 10 chemical injection ports. 


Multi-Load Washer Complete Brochure (Vended)

Experience more opportunities to optimize profitability with revenue-generating controls, a powerful drive system, and remote management capability.  


Your Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Laundry Business  

Made for both investors and owners, this guide shows the ins and outs of operating a vended store and important reasons to choose the Maytag® Commercial Laundry brand 


Want To Know More?

If you saw something at the show that you want to know more about, contact your Maytag Distributor for personal demonstrations, detailed product spec sheets, and attractive financing offers.